Monday, September 28, 2009


Hey, I almost forgot, I wanted to post about 3 books that I got really cheap. They may not be the greatest in the world, but I found them at a bookstore that I hardly visit, and they were on sale.

The bookstore was Border's Books at the "Shops at Atlas Park" Mall in Glendale, a quick ride down the street on Metropolitan Avenue, across Woodhaven Boulevard, and down Cooper Avenue. See, I had just left my bike at the bicycle repair shop for a tune up and clean up (the gears had gotten finicky). Having no transportation back, I wasn't too eager to hoof it back home, about a mile, so I stopped into the bookstore to just see what they had.

I found:
  • Atlas of the Constellations: Discover the Secrets of the Night Sky, by Giles Sparrow a hardcover book, with dust jacket for $2.99. 112 pages.
  • The Stargazer's Handbook, an Atlas of the Night Sky, a large-format, full-color softcover with beautiful pictures and good narrative in short spurts, again by Giles Sparrow, for $9.99. 272 pages.
  • The Illustrated Atlas of the Universe, by Mark A. Garlick, with star maps by Wil Tirion. This, too, is a large-format, full-color, softcover book, and it was also on sale for $9.99. 304 pages.
All told, I was getting 3 illustrated, really nice books for the bargain price of about $25.

But then came the clincher. I'm on line getting ready to pay for these books, and wondering how hard it will be to get these back to my house using Sneakernet ("hoofing it"), when a young lady behind me asked me if I'd like to have a 20%-off coupon, she had printed 2 on the computer and didn't need one. I said I'd love to have it, thanks, and gave it to the cashier.

At the time I thought it was 20% off the total price, but looking over the receipt now, I realize it was only 20% off of one book. Still, I'm really happy when I get a break, I need all the breaks I can get.

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