Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Inwood Astronomy Project

September 2, 2009 [ Wednesday ]

Picked up Manny, a friend and client, and drove to Inwood to meet Jason Kendall who is running The Inwood Astronomy Project to bring 100 nights of astronomy to the folks of New York City. I admire this guy very much to give his time and energy to making astronomy approachable for people.

We set up my binocs on the tripod I brought, and let people look at the moon and Jupiter.

We lined up to see Jupiter and its moons in Jason's SCT. We also got to see the star cluster (in Pegasus?). Heard Jason talk some about the size of Jupiter, how many moons it has (far more than what we learned in grade school or even college), and other things about the night sky. He also showed a globular cluster, which I didn't see.

We left after about an hour which passed very quickly. There were too many people waiting to look through the scope.

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