Monday, September 28, 2009

Ordered my Scope!

Dang it! I almost forgot the biggest news to date!

Those who have been following my blog know that I've been using a Celestron SkyMaster 15x70 Binoculars to do my star gazing.

Well, after 3 months of deliberation, self-doubt, research, nail-biting, posting on Cloudy Nights, and reversing myself a dozen times, I pulled the trigger.

I have finally ordered my scope. It's a Meade 8-inch SCT ACF ("advanced coma free") on the LXD75 mount. Here's a picture of the thing, and a link to the site where I purchased it, OPT:

Also, you can see my thinking, and the thread that helped me get to my decision on this thread at Cloudy Nights: "Did my research, but still need help choosing"


  1. Congrats Krish!!! I'll be eager to read of your experiences with your new scope and with the LXD 75 mount. And I really enjoy your blog here as well. Take the time to do a good accurate polar alignment and you won't be sorry about a thing with the Autostar. And be sure to give us a first light report.

  2. Congrats on the new scope! I also notice you are a photographer -- Danger! Danger!

    Astronomy + photography = astrophotography

    Once you attach a camera, its all over. You will be hooked (and time and money seem to fly out the window)!

  3. Good pick, Krish! I read your posts on Cloudy Nights, couldn't have been any more thorough than that. Feel good about your purchase, you'll enjoy it.

  4. Thanks to everyone for their comments. I'm thunderstruck that folks like you are interested in this newbie's blog.

    @James: I will be posting a first light report soon, for sure.

    @Neutronman: Yup, that exactly why my interest was heightened. Eventually I want to get to where Andy is, and hopefully give him a run for his money.

    @Andy: Thanks. Interestingly on your own blog you imaged M103 and posted that pic, the very first DSO that I actually hunted out with my new scope just last night! BTW, you have nothing to worry about in regards to AP competition from me for at least another year! LOL.