Friday, April 1, 2011

My first premium eyepiece is on order

After a long time pondering the purchase 0f, and wondering what the big deal was with these expensive eyepieces, and wanting to be able to use a 2-inch eyepiece in my 2-inch diagonals, I made the leap.

Of course, I'm having to be very careful with my money these days as my finances are taking a beating thanks to my separation, and the troubles my ex dropped into my lap by not mailing my 2006 taxes back-when, but each month I budget some money to either go out, buy a toy, get a massage, or some other thing I can do just for myself.

This month, a Baader Hyperion 17mm 2-inch eyepiece, with the 14- and 28-mm fine tuning rings is what I decided to spend some money on. I did some basic research to choose the Baader and the 17mm, and hopefully it won't let me down.

From all that I can see, I've probably picked one of the best of the Hyperion line, according to a considerable number of reviews. The Internet is wonderful, because you can simply type into Google, "Review [insert product name here]" and come up with more than a handful of opinions on a product. Everyone seems to really love the 17- and 13mm EPs.

I bought mine from OPT, so here's link to their site and the reviews on it:

But only too late did I look into Agena Astro to find that I could have saved myself $10 in shipping costs:

The Hyperion 17mm has two special features which I wasn't really looking for at first, but it makes it a cool thing to own. First off, there is the fact that you can use this eyepiece as both a 1.25-inch and a 2-inch eyepiece -- it transforms by simply unscrewing the 1.25-inch collar. Secondly, if you remember the fine tuning rings I spoke of before, you can use either of the rings, or both in combination, to create three more focal lengths directly from the one eyepiece. Baader has a chart on their site to show you what eyepieces and rings combine to create the different focal lengths. According to Baader, though, their 24mm eyepiece is the only one that cannot do this transformation, so make sure you understand that before you buy the rings with that eyepiece.

In my next post, if NYC has some good weather, after my eyepiece arrives (you know what they say about the curse of new equipment) I shall try to write up an honest-to-goodness review of this EP.

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